Introverted Leadership Series: The Importance of Healthy Conflict

Many of us avoid direct conflict with others, especially in the workplace. We don’t want to come across as abrasive, and we certainly want to make sure that our colleagues recognize how much we respect them. However, sometimes by avoiding what we perceive will be a confrontation we are missing an opportunity to help make …

Introverted Leadership Series: Adjusting Humility For Quiet Voices

As managers, we’re taught that we should give away all of the credit and take all of the blame for our teams. However, as a minority and an introvert, I’ve found that this actually softened my leadership voice. The problem was finding the balance between being humble while still advocating for myself to not play …


Dan Van Tran (DVT) is the Chief Technology Officer at Collectors. He started his engineering career by developing games on a TI-82 for his classmates in middle school. Now, he’s working with some of the most innovative technologists and disruptors in the industry to build a world-class collecting platform that preserves the integrity of the hobby. When he isn’t preparing for the zombie apocalypse, he collects modern basketball cards, survival horror video games, and everything Alex Morgan.