Another blog reboot

Every 5 or so years, I decide that it’s time to pick up blogging more regularly again. It usually takes me awhile to get it started up, mostly because I try to take the opportunity to learn a new platform or set of technologies. I do this so that I can get more insight into the new tech that’s come out since the last time, but also so that I can try to automate more of the process while preserving the level of customization that I want for my content. Last time, I used Hugo, which uses Go templates, and I hooked it to use a CI/CD platform so that I could submit my articles to a GitHub repo and they’d be published automatically to the live site. This time, I’m “cheating” and using WordPress, which is about as complicated and complex as any other platform that supports third-party plugins and allows for nearly unlimited customization (Jira, Salesforce, etc.) I totally get why some web developers can focus their entire careers around building and maintaining WordPress sites for people.

Anyway, I’ll post some more meaningful content in the near future. I have a few articles I’d like to write about leadership and management, and sharing random stories. More to come!

Change the World,